Tuesday, 9 April 2013

AUSTRALIANS... They're not ALL bad ;-) ...


Do you like the new design for the LIV-INK-HEL header?

Nate Gamble, Australian, Helsinki, LIV-INK-HEL, Script
courtesy of Nate Gamble @ www.nategamble.com

"You can tell me 'to get fucked with faggy script shite!...' The end." Nate Gamble (to me!)
Why the fuck would I do that??? It's exactly what I wanted for this blog! It hits the nail on the head, fits like a glove, makes the blog look "Porno"!!!

Nate Gamble...quite possibly the coolest Aussie I know...literally, since he moved to Helsinki to freeze his balls off!

A very talented man - Tattoo Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, Mural/Wall Painter - and a nice fella to back it up.

Check out Nate's work on his website:

Keep an eye open for more Nate Gamble work coming to LIV-INK-HEL

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