Thursday, 2 May 2013

I Declare War...


I DECLARE WAR (INSTRUMENTAL) - Ghostface Killah, Adrian Younge

I Declare War - By Deejay

 Let's have a grown up conversation, I'm tired of waitin' / no more time wastin' and no procrastinatin' //

something doesn't feel right, you can feel it in your bones / while you're at home readin this on your iPhone//

it's your life, your move, so take it / change is so close you can almost taste it//

face it, and I don't mean update your status / I mean take to the streets, take the system, replace it//

coz your life is wasted if you're happy to exist / weekdays slaving, weekends getting pissed//

thinking, that we're the only ones who have ever lived / forgetting all our history and what we're leaving for our kids//

future generations, may never get the gist / of our own greed or extent of our selfishness//

living like there's no tomorrow, good for some / by all means have fun while you're still young//

but when you've got a wife and a son, with air that pollutes their lungs / at some point, you're gonna want something done//

So we're in recession, but who we owe the money to / IMF, World banks, is who we're all indebted to//

You can take my rights, take my freedoms / but you will never take what I believe in//

I speak my mind, and my mind is getting stronger/held back for so long, can't do it any longer//

Too many people living with their eyes wide shut/ mine are open but I'm just a conspiracy nut//

I'm a realist I feel this pressure building up/there's cracks opening up but you're too scared to look//

At the truth, even when it's right there in front of you/You know what needs doing but you don't dare do//

We can't feed the poor, but we can fund a war / even though we're not sure what we're fighting for//

By Deej

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