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LIV-INK-HEL HQ - perfect for planning, writing and hiding from Linda! ;-)

"The dreams and ideas I have for LIV-INK-HEL as a blog, a brand and as a way of life are huge!!!" Deej
A big 'Thank You!'  or 'Kiitos!' to everyone who has visited and continues to check out the blog.

I would like to think that this time next year, this site will be filled with a bunch of cool shit; interviews with amazingly talented people, some great music, beautiful pictures of crazy tattoos & artwork, and posts that make readers want to keep coming back!....

When I moved to Finland in 2011, I saw it as a 'kick up the ass' and a free pass to try new things out and develop myself as a person.

Finland, Finnish, Flag

Anyone who has spent any time away from where they have always called home, will know, that when you are plucked from your comfort zone and dropped in a situation where you have to fend for yourself, you get a new lease of life and energy and you become motivated to make the most of your life.

It's kind of like a 'Fight OR Flight' mechanism and I'm not planning on booking a one-way flight back to the UK any time soon! It's been a tough but memorable 18 months and giving up and moving back to Liverpool hasn't even entered my thoughts, no matter how much I miss everyone there and love the place!

It helps a lot when you have a good group of people to call friends out here...

Wedding, Steal Bride, Finland, Finnish

Ice Hockey, World Cup, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, 2011're friends and family back home are supporting you every step of the way and even come out to visit you....

Parents, Visit, Finland, Winter
Finland, Summer, Finnish

....and last but not least, you have an amazing girlfriend who has helped you through the whole thing. Linda's head must be battered with what she's had to put up with over the past 18 months. Poor girl!!! ;-) ....

Finland, Snowboard, CoupleFinland, Summer Night, Couple, Boat, Sunset

To be honest, I can't complain is good here!

Finland, Summer, Guitar, Sea, Island, Dock
Relaxing on 'The Island'
Finland, Finnish, Summer, Sunset, Island, Midsummer, Silhouette
Jan on 'The Island' in Midsummer

Snowboard, Fall
First time Snowboarding
Beginner, Snowboard, Jump, Finland
After just 1 year, I'm doing things on a snowboard I never thought I'd do!

Broken, Fracture, Cast, Finland, Snowboard, Accident, Injury
Okay, maybe I got a bit too cocky!

By Deej

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