Thursday, 11 April 2013

AXEL 'Rose' - Tattoo Convention in the 'Paradise City'


'Rose' by Jan Axel

Jan Axel, Helsinki, Tattoo, Rose, Bleeding
'Rose' by Jan Axel - Unfinished (background to follow)

"Whatever else you do in life, just keep getting tattoos!" Jan Axel

19th Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention at Kaapelitehdas.

Tattooing is my career, my passion and last weekend I got to attend this fantastic event...

I've been to a few tattoo conventions worldwide, but each year at the Helsinki Ink convention, I am amazed by some of the talent on show.

Artists from all over the globe come to Helsinki for this one weekend to showcase their best work from their brilliant portfolios. We get to see what they can do, how they do it whilst they're doing it, and maybe even get a tattoo yourself from these talented artists.

Live shows, competitions and a chance to chill and have a beer in a room filled with people displaying some great tattoo pieces. It's such a good feeling to be in a place where you know everyone is in to the same thing that you are in to.

I have picked up some cool tips from the convention and I am always looking to learn and develop my own skills.

Displayed is a piece I did earlier this week, it still has some work to be done but I hope you enjoy it.

Link to the 2013 Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention:

Jan Axel

edited by Deej

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