Monday, 6 May 2013

Nate Gamble - 'Internal Exterior' Exhibition, Helsinki


Nate Gamble Art Exhibition Helsinki
Nate Gamble -

'Internal Exterior'

An illustrative exhibition by Nate Gamble
@ Cafe Bar No 9, Helsinki

Nate Gamble is from Melbourne, Australia. His latest work uses iconic tattoo imagery to explore the relationships between man, the planet, mankind's ever progressing quest for perfection and the increasing scientific knowledge of interconnectivity between all things on planet earth.

Prompted from the limited hues of a long winter spent in Finland, the work showing is mostly shaded, black, line illustrations. At first the work carries a symmetrical simplicity, but when looked into deeper the separate components become apparent within the whole.

Opening Night:

Thursday 9th May 2013, 5pm - 7pm.
Show continues until Friday 7th June 2013.

@ Cafe Bar No 9
Uudenmaankatu 9 / Nylandsgatan 9
00120 Helsinki / 00120 Helsingfors

To see more work by Nate Gamble, visit his website:

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