Tuesday, 2 April 2013

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LIV-INK-HEL, Helsinki, Graffiti, Finland, Summer

From Liverpool to Helsinki - Culture, scenery and people change, but the things in life that make us all feel human remain.

We love writing, we love art, we love music, we love to explore and discover.
 We love LIFE and want to live it to the fullest.
We love the ups, we even love the downs, but most of all...
we love everything in between.

So this page is a collection of thoughts, opinions, beliefs, philosophies, likes, and dislikes.
It is everything that makes our world go round, and a few things that make us want to stop the ride and get off.

The rules of this blog may also be applied to life, they are very simple, Please:
  • Respect others and their views
  • Relax, enjoy yourself and don't take it too seriously
  • Challenge what you read, hear, or see if you disagree with it
  • Learn and share your knowledge
Above all...Do what makes you happy, smile everyday, be a good person, and if you can't be good...

...at least be good at it!!!

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