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Liverpool Sound City 2013: HOME (LIVERPOOL ACTS)



LIV-INK-HEL choose our FAVOURITE bands/musicians from LIVERPOOL at this year's Liverpool Sound City

Liverpool Sound City takes place 2nd - 4th May 2013
Image owned by Liverpool Sound City 2013

Liverpool Sound City is the largest international music, digital and film festival and conference in the UK and sees over 360 acts take the city by storm

Over 40,000 lucky people get to witness live performances from bands and musicians that are destined to shake up the music industry

Host to a wide spectrum of genres from local, national and international backgrounds, Liverpool Sound City is one of the hottest tickets on the festival calendar


The Verdict

A power pop trio consisting of 3 lads; full of personality, fun, passion, ambition, spirit and a kind of nostalgic romance; characteristics which shine through in their music.

'The Verdict' are one of those bands whose music is recognisable straight away and will have you whistling, humming, singing the melodies for days after you hear them; until your mates/loved ones tell you to "Shut up, you've been singing that same song for 2 days now, you're doing my head in!" (They would have been singing too if they went to the gig!).

When me and my girl, Linda, went back to Liverpool last year to visit, we were outside in the smoking area of a bar in the Ropewalks district of the city having a drink. We had just stepped out and was met by a distant but beautiful sound! We didn't know where it was coming from but straight away, Linda (who is from Finland, by the way), knew who it was, "It's The Verdict, I love them!".

Sure enough it was The Verdict, but it took me a second or two to click. How did she know it was them within a few seconds of hearing them a few doors away? "It just sounds like them, you can tell by that voice and it sounds like their style!"

The Verdict were playing 'Right There' doing a sound check for a gig they were putting on that night. We went to the bar they were performing at, got our tickets, watched a great show by a great Liverpool band and had the kind of great night that only a great city like Liverpool can provide.

The Tea Street Band

The Tea Street Band

I don't know how they do it but The Tea Street Band have a way of making you forget about reality. I first heard them in a car full of lads in the middle of Finnish winter, bound for Helsinki, but I swear, their song 'Disco Lights' started playing, and I felt as though I could have been on a sandy beach, swim shorts and sunglasses on, with thousands of party-goers all dancing, smiling and enjoying the sunshine.

All of their songs hypnotize you into believing you are somewhere else; any band that can do that is sure to go on and do BIG things.

Baltic Fleet

Baltic Fleet

2013 GIT Award Winner, Baltic Fleet, delivers spectacularly on his second album 'Towers'. I can actually picture 'Towers' as the soundtrack to a dystopian thriller.

The songs are eerie, dark, soul-stirring and beautiful. One look at the cover of the album and you have the perfect backdrop for each of the tracks on this great album.

By Deej

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